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Sasuke Fidget Spinner

$27.18 $16.99
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Sasuke Fidget Spinner - Uchiha Store

Sasuke Fidget Spinner

$27.18 $16.99
Product description

How is the animation formed: The video we usually encounter is 30 or 60 frames per second, that is, 30 or 60 different consecutive pictures are switched in 1 second. Then the principle that our top can form animation is also in accordance with this law.

Note: A fidget spinner that shows the anime character running. This effect can only be seeing in sunlight

  • Use a mobile phone to shoot the spinning toy under strong light, and you can see the characters on the anime fidget spinner running. The exquisite drawing of characters makes the flying fidget spinners be seen more clearly when it rotates.
  • The Animated Fingertip Spinning Top Is Made Of Safe, Non-Toxic And Environmentally Friendly Plastic. The shape is sleek, without burrs and corners.
  • Beautifully animated: the running effect CANNOT be seen directly by the naked eye, you need to use a mobile phone camera to capture the image under a strong light to see it.
  • The spinner is a small Portable Size, Easy To Control With One Hand..
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