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How tall is Kakashi?

How tall is Kakashi?

Kakashi Height

Mythical character of the Naruto series, Kakashi Sensei is a mythical character of Masashi Kishimoto’s work has really become an essential figure in the landscape of Masashi Kishimoto’s work with his famous replicas repeated by all the fans and his charm design very appreciated by the spectators.

It is therefore normal that the question “how tall is Kakashi” comes up regularly and this is what we will study today in this article?

You will discover with us all the Kakashi heights from the time he was young and operated with Team Minato until the last season of Boruto, you are ready?👀

So let’s focus together a find out Kakashi Hatake Height in the different arcs of the manga: 

How Tall is Kakashi Hatake ?

how tall is kakashi hatake

Kakashi height is almost 181cm, which is 1.81 meters. Now that we know this information let’s convert it in another units.

How Tall is Kakashi in Feet ?

Kakashi is 5,11 feet which makes him one of the biggest Naruto Characters according to the data from Masashi Kishimoto books.

How Tall is Kakashi in inches ?

If we convert this information in inches, Kakashi Hatake Height is 61,32 inches which is a very good height above average Naruto Characters.

kakashi appearance

About Kakashi appearance, Kakashi Hatake is a white tall guy with white gray hair in spikes and small black eyes. We were more often is Shinobi outfit even when he isn’t in mission and always wear his face mask that covers the half left side of his face, hiding his left eye who possesses Obito’s Sharingan that he got after Obito died in a mission when they were young.

About his body composition, Kakashi is slim and muscular, thanks to a life devoted in ninja missions for the Hidden Leaf Village and the Anbu Black Ops during a little period of time.

How Tall is Young Kakashi

young kakashi height

Young Kakashi Height was 146cm which converted in inches and feet makes him 1,46 meters4,79 feet and 57,48 inches. His Kid Height was 35cm smaller than his adult size.

How Tall Is Kakashi in Boruto ?

How tall is kakashi in boruto

Kakashi Height in Boruto is 181cm which is the same height that in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series.

How Tall is Sakumo Hatake?

how tall is sakumo hatake

Sakumo Hatake, aka the White Fang of the Leaf, was 181cm which is 1.81m and converted in other units, his height is 5.938 feet and 71.26 in

Sakumo Hatake was the father of Kakashi Hatake and a very respected ninja in his time. He died of suicide after he decided to prioritize the life of his companions instead of focusing on the success of the mission. As a result, Sakumo was rejected and treated as a failure for making this choice at the point that even his former companions that he saved decided to dodge him of their life for good.

Depressed and not accepting to live in this condition anymore, Sakumo tragicaly committed suicide at home, letting Kakashi alone during a good part of his childhood.

How Tall is Rin?

how tall is rin nohara

Rin Height was 143cm which is 1.43 meters, 4,692 feet and 56,299 inches.

Rin Nohara was the female companion of Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha during the time she was a ninja under the command of Minato Namikaze. She died tragically of suicide from Kakashi hands to protect the Hidden Leaf Village.